Changing of Seasons

The change of season is upon us here in beautiful Dar es Salaam.  The excruciating heat has subsided.  The heavy rains have passed….and now the wonderful cooler breezes and winds are here.

As I lay on my couch yesterday afternoon resting on a Sunday I felt the lovely, windy breeze blowing through our open windows.  How refreshing a cool breeze can be in a hot place.

Another changing of seasons has been upon us as well.  As we come to the close of our third year on the mission field I am discovering that ‘change’ is the norm around here.  People come.  People go.  Beautiful new friendships blossom and bud and deep connections are made, precious individuals that you do life with and who take up wonderful space in our lives then suddenly are called to move on to other arenas of life.

How does one process the multiple losses one experiences in this life?  We all have them. My personal temptation is to hide, to escape away from new deep relationships and self-protect even though my heart desperately longs for it.  In our desire to self-protect from the pain of loss or the vulnerability of new beginnings many of us may have our means of ‘hiding’.  Unfortunately, this often leads to missing out on the beauty of the budding of new relationships or wonderful new opportunities.

Jeremy & I are also experiencing the winds of Holy Spirit blowing through our lives and in the life of our community in new ways.  Holy Spirit is always there, always ready to go deeper with us but how many parts of His beautiful Bride are also hiding from Him?  Afraid of what the deep intimacy of relationship with Holy Spirit might do?  We doubt.  We are afraid of the unknown and yet we desperately long for the intimacy that we avoid.


The change in seasons cannot be avoided, not in the natural cycles of the weather patterns in the earth nor in our lives and even in the spiritual realm.  It is good to grieve the ending of a good season.  Grieve and grieve it well.  But it is also good to accept with open hearts the coming of a new one, as unknown as it may feel.

What season are you in right now?  Has it been an good one or a difficult one?  The promise of changing of seasons gives us hope that a difficult one will not last forever either.  Are you still clinging to a season that is actually past?  Can you look with hopeful anticipation and abandoned trust to the next season ahead?  Would love to hear your thoughts!